Kyle Fiebernitz

Two-Year MBA '23

Bancroft, MI
U.S. Navy
Interior Communications Electrician



Originally from Bancroft, Michigan, Kyle graduated from Grand Valley State University with a Bachelor of Science in communications and a concentration in Sports Journalism in 2014. While at Grand Valley, Kyle got plugged into the USA Hockey Officiating Development Program and pursued that until 2016. At that time, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy and received training as an Interior Communications Electrician before transferring to a destroyer based out of Norfolk, VA. After five successful years in the Navy, Kyle moved to Indiana with his family to pursue an MBA from Notre Dame.

Kyle chose Mendoza’s Two-Year MBA program for its strong alumni network, its tradition of excellence, and for its active veteran's club. Kyle is planning to pursue a career in investment banking after graduation. He will be spending his summer (2022) with CIBC as a Summer Associate in their Global Investment Banking Division in Milwaukee, WI.