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About Us

The University of Notre Dame - Mendoza College of Business is home to many veterans and current military members advancing their professional careers with a post-graduate business degree. The MBA Military Veterans Club of Notre Dame's membership includes 33 students from the College's 2-Year MBA and MBA/MSBA dual-degree cohorts. Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn for Club activity and announcement updates!



Our mission is to serve as a professional and personal networking resource for potential, current, and former Mendoza MBA Military Veteran students and to exemplify the tenets of servant-leadership within our school and the local community.

Accomplishing the Mission

We accomplish our mission with the following efforts:

Leveraging the University of Notre Dame and Mendoza College of Business services and our relationships with local and national military-focused organizations to identify resources that match each Club members’ unique needs.

Leveraging the robust University of Notre Dame alumni network and Mendoza College of Business Career Development services to support the professional development of Club members and alumni.

Coordinating with Mendoza College of Business Career Development and other regional and national military business clubs to connect Club members with top companies seeking the unique skills and qualities military veterans offer.

Facilitating and coordinating volunteer opportunities for University of Notre Dame students and Club members to improve the local community through service and support.


We believe the MBA Military Veterans Club is uniquely positioned to help veterans and current military members transition to business school and prepare them for success in the next stage of their professional journey. We are constantly growing our expansive network of alumni, leveraging strong relationships to continually communicate career needs and opportunities to support our current and former members. We foster an environment of genuine camaraderie and collaboration that empowers our members to unleash their full potential. We are committed to facilitating and coordinating activities that will help our members and alumni positively impact society through their professional and servant leadership.

Core Values

As University of Notre Dame students, we value Tender, Strong, and True leadership.

As former and current military members, our core values align with those of our service branches:

Air Force & Space Force  |  Army  |  Coast Guard  |  Marines  |  Navy


One of the most unique attributes that makes the MBA Military Veterans Club a great fit for veterans and service members is the rich history the University of Notre Dame shares with the U.S. Armed Forces. As Club members, we feel a deep connection with the University and are grateful for the opportunity to grow the strong relationship that exists between Notre Dame and our military services.

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