Amber May

Two-Year MBA '24

Marietta, GA




Amber is originally from Marietta, GA and attended the University of Georgia for her bachelors degree in Management Information Systems.

Why did you choose to be involved with the Club?

Growing up in both a Navy and Notre Dame household gave me a strong appreciation for the military, military veterans, and the Fighting Irish. I am passionate about advancing the club's mission and values, and serving as a resource for incoming students.

Do you have a connection with the military?

My father is a retired Navy Captain who served on submarines and later joined the Reserves. He supported both the Submarine Force Reserve Component as the Personnel & Manning Department Head and the Space Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) Reserve Component in various IT integration leadership roles.

How are you involved with Notre Dame?

Outside of the MBA Military Veterans Club, Amber is the VP of Alumni Engagement for the MBA Association and also works at the Compton Family Ice Arena on campus. This summer Amber will be interning at Southwest Airlines on their Global Contracts team working in sales analytics.