Eric Goins

Two-Year MBA '25

Herndon, VA
U.S. Army
Communications Officer



Reading, and Golf.
Other Interesting things about me:
I played football as a kicker and punter on the The Citadel Bulldogs from 2013-2015 as a 3 year starter. In 2015, we won a school first road playoff game at Coastal Carolina, beat the University of South Carolina in our last regular season game to make the playoffs, and won our conference (The Southern Conference) for the first time in 25 years.

Why ND:
As I felt I was approaching the time to conclude my military service, I wanted to become a more well rounded and skilled leader for whatever my next calling will be. Graduate school seemed like a natural starting point for that. I chose Notre Dame because I value how the Catholic faith is the foundation that this University was built upon and continues to stand on. I plan to complete the MBA/MGA dual degree here since I feel that US foreign policy and global financial markets are what can be best leveraged to promote lasting peace in the world. This objective is where I currently feel most compelled to direct my skills and abilities towards.