Michael Thieme

Two-Year MBA '24

Allentown, PA
Email: mthieme2@nd.edu




Mike is originally from Allentown, PA and attended the Pennsylvania State University for his bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain & Information Systems.

Why did you choose to be involved with the Club?

Coming from a corporate work environment, the MBA Military Veterans Club provides a wide variety of unique experiences and backgrounds that reflect more comprehensive views of community, selflessness, and teamwork. I am also very excited to being a resource for the MBA Veterans club to drive home the club’s vision, mission, and core values.

Do you have a connection with the military?

Both of my grandfathers served in the Air Force and Navy, My grandfather who served in the Air Force, his military career spanned from World War II, Korea, and Vietnam as a Chief Master Sergeant

How are you involved with Notre Dame?

VP of Student Activities for the MBA Association and VP of Communications for the MBA Consulting Club. Mike will be interning at IBM this summer in their Financial Leadership Development Program

What was your career background before coming to Notre Dame?

I worked in the oil and gas industry specifically with gas and convenience stores as a financial analyst.

What is your career goal post-graduation?

My goal is to either go with consulting or corporate strategy post-graduation.