Patrick Gallagher

Two-Year MBA '24

South Bend, IN
U.S. Marine Corps
Logistics Officer



Favorite ND Memory:
Notre Dame's undefeated regular season in football during the 2012 season was my sophomore year of college. Campus was electric throughout that fall.

2nd year:
I'm looking forward to diving deep into finance classes to shore up some of the gaps in my current experiences and knowledge base.
Long-term Goal:
First and foremost, I hope to raise a healthy and strong family in my primary roles as a husband and a father. Professionally, I am eager to become the general manager of an existing small-to-midsize business in the near term and then work to support and grow that firm over the long term.

Hobbies: Weightlifting, cycling, hanging with my kids

Fun Facts:
I have 13 siblings. At least one of my siblings has been a student at Notre Dame for over 20 years straigh